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Graduate Statistics

After having received the Master’s degree in Molecular Medicine from the Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, the majority of our graduates enter Ph.D. programs, but others obtain research positions in industries or government, or choose to pursue further medical training. More often than not, the students can start their new position in Berlin, Germany or abroad, immediately after graduating from the Program.

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Figure 1. Professional Placement of Molecular Medicine Students within One Year of Graduation
Figure 2. Location of Molecular Medicine Graduates

The majority of our graduates enter Ph.D. programs, but others obtain research positions or choose to pursue further medical training. The chart below indicates the various ways our graduates have chosen to further their scientific careers.

It is also of interest to note where Molecular Medicine Students choose to continue their scientific careers. As the chart below indicates, the largest portion remains at the Charité or at one of its collaborating institutions as for example the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin-Buch.

By remaining at the Charité Molecular Medicine graduates continue to contribute to the overall success of research at the Charité. As such, the Charité's investment in training Molecular Medicine students is well worth the effort and the profit to the institution as a whole is significant. 

Students who leave the Charité accept positions at prestigious institutions both within Germany and abroad. At these institutions graduates demonstrate the considerable skills, knowledge and talent which they acquired at the Charité, thus spreading the Charité's reputation throughout the world for outstanding training in scientific research.