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Scientific Skills Modules

Doing science doesn’t only require scientific knowledge, but also various scientific skills. The skill modules we offer encompass: 

  • Scientific Writing
  • Experimental Design
  • Critical Thinking in Translational Medicine
  • Statistics

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Statistics (5 ECTS)

This course helps students gain an appreciation for the diverse applications of statistics and probability in their future research fields. The course focuses on both underlying theory as well as application of statistical inference (parametric- and non-parametric), Bayesian inference, frequentist inference and probability distributions.

Critical Thinking in Translational Medicine (5 ECTS)

Critical thinking is an essential skill for any field of study. Our course sensibilizes the students to systematically construct and evaluate scientific findings and practices, using a wide variety of examples from the field of translational medicine.

Scientific Writing (5 ECTS)

Texts should appeal to the audience you intend to address. The course helps you to improve your writing skills as it gives many tips and tricks (and point pitfalls) for your future publications and presentations of your scientific findings.

Experimental Design (5 ECTS)

Well-designed experiments help to answer the scientific questions at hand. The module helps the students to set-up and plan their experimental strategies and research Projects.