Master Thesis Module

The final six months of the two year program are dedicated to the Master Thesis Research Project in the field of Molecular Medicine.

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The Master thesis consists of a six month research project in which students undertake experimental work and complete a thesis on a Project in the field of molecular medicine. Students can choose a research group at the Charité or at one of the affiliated institutes in which to conduct this research. In conjunction with a thesis supervisor from the lab, students define a project and write a research proposal which is then reviewed by the program directors. Once the thesis proposal is approved, students embark on their research. When the project is completed six months later, students present their research results in a Master's thesis final document. After submitting the thesis students are then required to defend it in an official defense which is open to the public. Upon completion of all the modules, the thesis, and the defense, students then receive their degree with the title 'Master of Science'.