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How to Apply

Before you begin to apply, we strongly recommend that you read all the documents available in the Admissions Download section of this website. This will enable you to be well prepared for all the questions, and to upload well thought-out essays where required.


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You can apply to our program via our online application system. We no longer use paper applications and do not accept application documents via post, fax, or email (language test results, however, may be sent to us directly from testing centers. They will be scanned and added to your electronic file which you can view at any time). With our online application system you will be asked to create a user profile to fill out the application form and upload your other application documents. You can add to and edit your profile over the course of the application period (deadline for submission is May 31st). Only after you press the submit button will all your information be entered and no longer available for you to make changes.

In addition to completing the online application form, you will need to upload the following documents:

1)      Official (preliminary) Transcript

2)      Language Test Result if available

3)      Letter of Motivation (see hints and tips for letter of motivation)

4)      CV

You will also be asked to provide the email addresses of two referees who can write letters of recommendation on your behalf. Your referees will be provided with the necessary password and recommendation form so that they can upload their letters themselves.

If your referees do not have an institutional email address, please ask your referees to email the admissions office and send their letters of reference on your behalf directly to the admissions office via email. We will do our best to manually submit each letter to the appropriate applicant's file. However, please be aware that if we receive too many requests for manual submission, we may not be able to upload all letters on time.

Applicants from China, India and Vietnam are required to have their documents are required to have their documents pre-checked at the Academic Evaluation Centre (APS) in order to obtain a student visa.

Important Dates:

All Applications documents due by May 31st.

Notification of Admission will be sent electronically by July 17th.

To begin the application procedure, please click here.