Financing and Scholarships

The students in our Program have been, and are, quite successful in stipend acquisition from various sources. The Program Coordinators support your external funding applications wherever possible. The Program itself doesn’t offer stipends, but was able to keep the fees down to €2,500 per semester.

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For the academic years 2020/21 a tuition fee of €2,500 per semester will be charged for the master program in molecular medicine. In addition, students will have to cover additional €190 for a travel ticket for public transportation in Berlin, 24/7 (within the AB travel zones) and a matriculation fee of €120.

In addition to stipends offered by the Charité, support for international students can be obtained from the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service).

The Charité is associated with the Humboldt University which provides scholarships for international students in their last semester of the program. Please click here for more information about this scholarship opportunity. Students applying from China, India, Japan, Korea or Taiwan are eligible for the TOEFL Scholarship Program. To find out more about this opportunity please click here.

Living expenses in Berlin amount to at least €650 per month, including housing, mandatory health insurance, utilities, and food. On average a typical student will spend €750 per month without living in luxury.