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In addition to teaching medical and dental students, the Charité offers several different medically related international graduate programs. The master's program in molecular medicine is one of these programs. It operates under the auspices of the Charité's dean of teaching, Prof. Joachim Spranger, and in conjunction with the Berlin Institute of Health. The program is overseen by five program directors. The daily running of the program is managed by two staff members.

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Office staff

Throughout the program students enjoy a great deal of support from the program staff. These services include practicing presentations before having to give them, writing and language support, and advice on a wide range of topics from choosing a private doctor to selecting a laboratory for the master's thesis research. Several molecular medicine "traditions" have also been established to help students adjust to and manage the demands of the program. For example, students from the current class work with the program coordinators to organize a welcome party for the incoming new students. The program also supports an extended weekend for the entire class to take a short vacation. Through such measures students quickly learn that both the program directors and program coordinators are readily accessible and eager to help in all situations.

Dr. Sarah Bhargava

Program Coordinator

Dr. Eddy Rijntjes

Program Coordinator